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I need to say somrthing

2010-04-17 17:23:58 by LolHi

I have many accounts on newgroudns, and I onoly use one; this one. MAybe I'll make another one someday, but for now I'm going to post all of the accounts on news posts on every single account that I have.


Also, I'm sorry if I didn't send you your drum loops, slackerproductions. I got a new HDD becase my old one broke (could load the OS), os I got a new one. I do't have the samples anymore, sorry.


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2010-04-24 22:02:47

Oh, that's cool. I was planning on just installing the FL8 demo, copying the loops, then uninstalling it, I just wanted to avoid that. I can still send you Nightmare if you still want, I just don't have your email yet.